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Curso de Técnico Internacional

A BWF vai realizar um Curso de Técnico Internacional.

Abaixo as informações e o Convite (em inglês):

BWF Certificated Coach Education

Course News 2008




Information and Invitation  - Course 2008


Standard Course






·         BWF in co-operation with the National Sports Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria will provide the opportunity for aspiring active coaches and top international players to obtain the highest international level of BWF coaching certification.

·         The BWF Certificated Coach Education Program intends to provide opportunities for coaches to acquire competencies in both the badminton and sports science domains.

·         The BWF Certificated Coach Education Program will be run as a modular based program.

·         The program topics will be presented in a holistic way and one of the course objectives is to provide an open learning environment.


General Information















3 – 7 Nov. 2008



·      Participants: Coaches working at high performance national level with national and international athletes.

·       Course language: English unless indicated otherwise.

·       Course content: 7 modules / total 200 hrs / 5 weeks (5 day-course-week: Monday – Friday = 40 hrs/week).

·       Core modules: Skills and Strategies, Skill Acquisition, Coach in Action, Sports Psychology, Sports Medicine, Training Theory and Applied Sports Science.

·         Class size:

o        15 – 25 participants per course.

o        BWF may consider canceling or postponing the course if there are fewer than 15 participants.

·         Course venues/ dates:

o        Week-1. Sofia (Bulgaria)    3-7 Nov 08   BWF Development Training Center

o        Week-2. Milton Keynes (Eng)     9-13 Mar 09  Week after All England / Badminton England Centre

o        Week-3. Hong Kong        1-5 Jun 09   Hong Kong Badminton Centre / HKG Institute of Sport

o        Week-4. Hyderabad (India)          24-28 Aug 09     Badminton India Training Centre

o        Week--5. Saarbrucken (Ger)        2-6 Nov 09         BWF High Performance Training Center










·         Candidates should:

o        Be between 25 – 50 years of age.

o        Have a personal fitness level to physically complete the practical requirements of the program.

o        Be covered by an international health insurance policy.

o        Have coaching experience at the national level with high performance athletes.




o        Be currently actively coaching at the time of application.

o        Have practical experience in training/competitive planning, multi - feeding and demonstration of badminton hitting and moving techniques.

o        Be able to follow the course language delivered in English in speaking, reading and writing.


·         BWF reserves the right to make final selections onto the course and to terminate participation in the course under the following circumstances:

o        Candidates do not meet the conditions of entry.

o        Continuation in the course could endanger participant’s welfare.

o        Participants are not able to meet the required competencies and course standards.

o       Participants do not adhere to course rules or agreed conditions of participation.




Application and Deadlines








27th June 2008

·         Candidates must complete the application form. Information provided is confidential.

·         Candidates must get endorsement from their National Badminton Association. The BWF will not accept any direct applications without endorsement.

·        National BAs must hand in the endorsed application forms to their respective Continental Confederations and send the electronic copy to  gunther@internationalbadminton.org  by the Friday 27th June, 2008.






8th July 2008


·         The Continental Confederations are responsible for:

o        Reviewing, endorsing and forwarding applications to the BWF

o        sending in all application forms to the BWF Development Department by Friday 8th July, 2008.


25th July 2008


·         BWF Selection Panel makes the final decision on applications.

·         Successful candidates will be informed directly by Friday, 25th July, 2008. CCs and BAs will be copied in on all communications.

1st August 2008


·         Successful candidates MUST MAKE FULL PAYMENT TO CONFIRM their participation by Friday 1st August, 2008.

29th August 2008



·         BWF will inform all participants by 29th August, 2008 whether the course will be held as planned, postponed or cancelled.

·         Approved candidates will receive course information before the start of the course.


3rd October 2008


·         Participants have to hand in all travel details 1 month prior to course date ( by Friday, 3rd October, 2008).





Participation / Withdrawal Fees / and Deadlines


·         Course fee:

o        USD $5,000 per person. NOTE: For this FIRST course, the BWF will sponsor 50% of the course fees.

o        Each participant must pay USD $2,500 by 1st August, 2008

·      Course fees will include full board accommodation, teaching material, entry tickets to BWF events (if connected with a course).

·      Fees do not include domestic or international travel.

·      Withdrawal from course:

o           BWF will not refund the USD $2,500 course fees should any participant withdraws after 29th August, 2008.

o          Participants who withdraw after 29th August may make an appeal to the Development Department in writing if there are exceptional circumstances.


1st August 2008



2008 Course Details


·         Course-Week 1: 3-7 November (Monday-Friday)

·         Venue : National Sports Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria

·         Core Module: 40 hours Training Theory and Applied Sports Science

·         Travel arrangements:

o        Participants to arrive in Sofia on 2nd November (Sunday)

o        Participants to depart on 8th or 9th November (Saturday or Sunday)

·         Visa: Please contact BWF Development Department for invitation letter.



Assessment and Certification


·         Participants will be assessed at the end of every module.

·         There will also be a final assessment at the end of the full course including all modules covered in the course.

·         Successful participants will receive the following:

o           BWF Certificated Coach Certificate

o           National Sports Academy Certificate (issued by the Bulgarian National Sports Academy)

o          Certificate of Attendance at the end of each module



Lecturers & Teaching Staff


Courses will be run by internationally recognized Badminton Experts and Academicians. The course conductors/presenters will be appointed by BWF Development Committee. The Badminton Experts include former world-class players and internationally recognized coaches from top badminton nations such as China, Denmark, Indonesia, England, Korea and Malaysia.



Course Coordination


BWF Development Department gunther@internationalbadminton.org

(must be copied on all correspondence)


Lausanne, 7th April 2008

Badminton World Federation Department Development

Gunther Huber, Director Development


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