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Phoenix Project resumes in Timisoara

30 July 2008

On 28 July, the Phoenix Regional Project resumed activities in Romania. This is one of the development projects that receive financial support from Badminton Europe.  It is a continuation of last years Phoenix Regional Project for junior players helping to prepare players who will represent their country in the 2009 European Junior Championships.


The Regional Project is led and organised by the Romanian Badminton Federation, the main purpose of this activity being preparation of players from Hungary, Serbia and Romania for the next years European Junior Championships in Milan, Italy. There will be two training camps, one in Romania, the second one in Hungary.

The first training camp is being held in Timisoara, a Romanian historical city along the Bega river, the same city where the Banuinvest International Badminton Championships are organized.   The 3 nations involved in the project have sent their best players, so that national champions in singles, doubles or mixed doubles are spying on the performances of their opponents.     So it’s going to be a “badminton-busy week” for the players of the 3 participating countries.   This year an important contribution for the diversity of the training camp has been brought by staff coach Debbie Lynch (Scotland/Denmark). She brings devotion in her work with the players and their coaches, keeping motivation and shot accuracy on a high level.   The camp continues with hard badminton trainings in a city where the temperature is currently over 30 Celsius degrees.



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