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SOTX Team Europe 2012 players practising in Slovakia

SOTX Team Europe 2012The SOTX Team Europe 2012 group are currently practising together in Presov, Slovakia. At the same time they are participating in the Head Slovak Open 2008, the first round is being played today. Ireland has the top seeds in the men’s and women’s singles categories with Scott Evans and Chloe Magee. The SOTX Team Europe 2012 group will remain in
Presov after the tournament for a 3-day training camp.

The Head Slovak Open 2008 began on Thursday with the qualification rounds.  This is an interesting tournament as many young and emerging players have entered the only Future Series tournament on the European Circuit.  This in the reason why Badminton Europe decided to locate a SOTX Team Europe 2012 training camp here, to give the young players valuable match practise in a competitive international tournament.

From Sunday to Wednesday the SOTX Team Europe 2012 group will train together in Presov. Here is a list of players who will attend the training camp –   Female players from left to right: Anna Narel, Zuzana Orlovska, Lianne TanMichaela Mathis (Austria Lianne Tan (Belgium) Karoliine Hõim (Estonia) Nanna Vainio (Finland) Anna Narel (Poland) Lubov Chudentceva (Russia) Zuzana Orlovská (Slovakia) Laura Molina (Spain) Ezgi Epice (Turkey)   Male players Luka Zdenjak (Croatia) Pavel Florián (Czech Republic) Eetu Heino (Finland) Misha Zilberman (Israel) Michal Rogalski (Poland) Pedro Martins (Portugal) Nikita Khakimov (Russia) Ernesto Velazquez (Spain)
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