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Projeto Phoenix (em inglês)

Phoenix Project prepares players for European Juniors

Hajduszoboszlo, a small but nice and friendly well known spa city in Hungary, was the host of the last training camp of the Phoenix Regional Project, a project proposed and led by the Romanian Badminton Federation with Badminton Europe’s financial support. The aim of this project is to prepare players from Hungary, Serbia and Romania for the 2009 European Junior Championships.

U 19 players from these 3 neighboring countries took part in this programme. Its first part started with a training camp in July, in the Romanian city of Timisoara, were 24 juniors and 6 coaches from the above mentioned countries worked together under the critical eye of head coach Debbie Lynch (Scotland/Denmark).

  Coaches DiscussionThe second part started on 22nd and ended on 28th of October in Hajduszoboszlo and was a week of sharing badminton knowledge, experiences and ideas between coaches as well as opportunities for players to learn from each other.   At the end of each training session the players had the occasion to show their improvements since the last time they met by playing interesting matches together.   A nice surprise for the Serbian and Romanian players was their participation at a 2 day Open tournament in the city of Debrecen, in Hungary, where they could compete and show their on court-strength against the best Hungarian players. Some nice results were noticed during the matches. This increased the players’ joy and motivation.     The names of participants is as follows:   HUNGARY: 1. Sara FEKETE 2. Laura SAROSI 3. Monika SZOKE 4. Virag FARKAS 5. Norbert MEDGYESI 6. Marton SZATZKER 7. Marcell ELEK 8. Daniel TOTH 9. Tibor MATYUS - coach 10. Imre VARGA - coach   SERBIA: 1. Bojana JOVANOVIC 2. Nina STARCEVIC 3. Ivana MAKSIMOVIC 4. Dunja DOSENOVIC 5. Nikola ARSIC 6. Filip STOJILKOVIC 7. Borko PETROVIC 8. Csilla MIHALJ – coach 9. Andreja TODOROVIC - coach   ROMANIA: 1. Sabrina CSEHAK 2. Beatrice CSEHAK 3. Oana MIRCU 4. Sonia OLARIU 5. Marius CORCIUC 6. Fabian SILAGHI 7. Mircea VASIU 8. Radu VASIU 9. Stefan NYARI – coach 10. Corina DAN – coach   Report and photos by Corina Dan

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